Our Team

Corporate Photographer

Aleks is a passionate professional photographer located in Cleveland who has been practicing photography for over twenty years! Aleks is a key component of Anytime Picture’s industrial photography team, as he specializes in Cleveland industrial photography, including manufacturing, factory, and automobiles. When he’s not behind a camera, he enjoys driving fast cars, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his family.


Igor’s passion for photography started over a decade ago, when he owned his own designer clothing stores in major Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, and Canton. Taking pictures of his products helped him discover that he not only had an eye for designer clothing, he also had an eye for photography! Igor pursued formal photography and videography training from both Ohio State University and the Cleveland Institute of Art. With his passion, real-world experience, and formal training, you can be sure that Igor Luppa with Anytime Picture will deliver only the best!

Family & Kids Photographer

Nataly is a professional passionate photographer based in Miami, Florida. In her spare time she loves listening to music and taking walks on the beach.

Sound Engineer Video Production

Mike is Anytime Picture’s dedicated sound engineer in Cleveland. He assists with almost all video productions! A Cleveland native, he has years of experience working with audio and editing equipment to capture and enhance audio quality. Mike’s hobbies include personal training, fitness, and spending time with his wonderful family.

Real Estate Photographer

Tim specializes in aerial drone, commercial and residential real estate photography.