Why Your Company Should Hire a Professional Trade Show Photographer or Videographer

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January 6, 2023

Trade shows represent immeasurable opportunities for your company, but they are also huge investments. Creating the perfect trade show booth idea takes real work, and the implementation takes time, money, and energy, but the payoff can be worth it when you create the perfect display to attract customers and build your brand. Capitalize on your trade show investment by converting that trade show booth into numerous marketing and branding opportunities with a professional trade show and exhibitor photographer or videographer from Anytime Picture! Here’s just a few of the reasons that a professional photographer or videographer for your exhibition makes sense:

Increase Your Rate of Return

You’ve already invested resources into your trade show display. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer allows you to leverage these spent resources and reinvest them, increasing your rate of return. Trade shows and exhibitions are a gold mine for a variety of advertising and branding content for your business. Videos of your trade show product demonstrations, photos of your display booth, interviews with your staff, client testimonials, and more can all be obtained during the show. 

Expand Your Business Reach

Trade shows and exhibitions are great for networking and meeting new clients, but not all of your clients will come from trade shows! Photos and videos from the show legitimizes your business to new potential customers and make great promotional material. In addition, not all interested potential customers will buy at the show. Some may prefer to go home and first do additional research before committing to your product or service. Having videos from the show to remind them of what your company provides and how you outshine your competition is a great way to re-engage these potential customers and convert them into actual clients.

Advertising and Branding

The way that we market and advertise has changed. Videos drive engagement and increase your selling potential, as customers prefer to be able to see products and services in action. Videos from your trade show or exhibition make great marketing material, as they can easily be converted into product demonstration videos, company profile videos, and client testimonials. Photos can be reposted on social media, used for product displays, and used in physical ads such as pamphlets or brochures. The possibilities are endless.

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You’ve already put in the work to make your trade show or exhibition display a success. Capitalize on your investment by investing in a professional photographer and videographer to capture your trade show booth or exhibition booth experience. With over ten years’ of experience, Anytime Picture will deliver you the best trade show photography and videography around. We are a professional company that is licensed and insured nationwide to work trade shows and exhibitions. Contact us today by emailing hello@anytimepicture.com or calling (800) 910-0078.