Why You Should Be Sending Company Holiday Cards

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December 1, 2021

ith December rapidly approaching, it’s time to start preparing your business for the holiday season, including thinking about your holiday marketing strategy. What better way to spread holiday cheer and build your business brand than with a professional business holiday card? Corporate holiday cards are a great way to send personalized holiday greetings to clients, employees, partners, or even potential new business. If you’ve neglected to send company holiday cards in the past, don’t miss your chance this year! Here’s 4 key reasons why all businesses should be using company Christmas cards and holiday cards in their marketing strategy:

1) Networking and branding
Corporate holiday cards allow you to easily network with your clients, strengthening relationships and connections. Using holiday cards lets you reinforce your brand, getting your name and brand into the eyes of clients who may have forgotten about you or your services without coming across as an advertisement or as a sales tactic.

2) Memorability
People don’t like junk mail! Traditional flyers, mailers, and advertisements will often go straight into the garbage. However, a holiday or Christmas card is much more likely to make it through the initial mail purge, and it is much more appreciated by the recipient, meaning it is also more memorable to your clients. As a bonus, your card may get displayed in an area that leads you to gaining additional business.

3) Create Goodwill and Cheer

It’s always nice to generate goodwill and appreciation. Sending company holiday cards is a great way to express gratitude to your clients, vendors, and your employees while also spreading some holiday cheer. 

4) New Business Potential

Corporate holiday cards aren’t just for your current clients! You can use holiday cards to try to generate new business, cutting through the spam of traditional mailers and potentially getting yourself a new client.

Create Your Holiday Cards Today!

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