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Pennsylvania is a picturesque state with many diverse locations for photography and videography. There’s truly something in Pennsylvania for every photographer, which is why we enjoy taking pictures here! Nature and wildlife photographers love the beautiful parks and greenery, while urban photographers enjoy the city life and urban environments. The many historic areas located throughout the state which makes Pennsylvania a great location for any history buff. Pennsylvania is beautiful through and through, and we love finding new areas to explore and photograph throughout this state! Contact Anytime Picture today if you're looking for excellent Pennsylvania photography or videography!

One of the most iconic areas to photograph throughout the state of Pennsylvania would be Lancaster County Amish Country. This area is truly picturesque and has so many gorgeous spots to offer any photographer or videographer. From the rolling green hills dotted with homesteads to the horse and buggies sharing the roadways, there’s always something new and charming to see. The entire area is obviously great for anyone looking to get photographs or videos with more of a rustic background, since there’s old-world country charm everywhere you look. We’ve done several shoots throughout Amish Country and we always find new spots to see, so this is a great location for anyone that is looking to do a longer shoot with a large variety of backdrops.

If you’re looking for a more natural setting, you can’t go wrong with Pennsylvania’s many state parks and gardens. We enjoy visiting Cherry Springs State Park. This park, named for the many black cherry trees that dot the area, is gorgeous with lots of woodland areas to explore and plenty of paths to travel. We recommend this location to anyone looking to capture some amazing outdoor backdrop shots in a completely natural setting that is almost untouched in some areas. Another fascinating feature about this park is that it is a designated blackout area, which means you can capture some truly phenomenal astronomy shots here at night. This is a definite must-visit if you’re looking to get nature backdrops!

Pennsylvania is also filled with many different beautiful cities that make for great photography! We’ve written before about how much we enjoy photographing the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Philly has tons of historical locations that make it a great visit for any history buff. Independence National Park is known as the “Birthplace of National Democracy” and is connected to The Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, and the Ben Franklin Museum. Pittsburgh has the lovely Pittsburgh zoo, which is a sure-fire photography favorite. Another city we enjoy visiting would be Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg. The state capitol building at night is lit up, providing an incredible view. The city also offers great skyline river-side views along with many different historic locations to see and admire.

If you’re ready to take your photographs to the next level, contact Anytime Picture. We offer all types of photography throughout the state of Pennsylvania, including engagement shots, maternity shoots, senior pictures, family portraits, and more! We will travel to you and provide all equipment needed to guarantee you that perfect picture. We’ve been providing superior photography and videography services for over a decade. Contact us today at 800-910-0078 or email





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