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The city and suburbs of Pittsburgh is a beautiful area blessed with tons of great spots for photography and videography. Said to be one of the world’s “Must See Places” by National Geographic, Pittsburgh really has a little bit of everything. Lots of nature and park areas if that’s your thing, but definitely a strong city presence as well. There’s a place in Pittsburgh for every style, which really makes it a photographer’s dream. The diversity that this area offers is one of the reasons that Anytime Picture loves shooting here. It’s not a stretch to say that whatever you’re looking for in your photography, Pittsburgh can deliver! If you’re looking for great photography or videography in Pittsburgh, contact Anytime Picture! Our team knows this city - and knows all the best locations for that perfect background.

One of our favorite locations in Pittsburgh is Mellon Park. This beautiful park was originally the grounds of a large mansion, Mellon mansion. While the mansion has since been demolished, the park and gardens remain. This place is perfect for photography as it really gives a strong “castle grounds” vibe. The whole area feels almost like a romantic garden. Flowers bloom here in almost every season and all of the greenery makes the area seem very untouched. The stunning fountain is also a great background for all types of photos and we love including it in our Pittsburgh shots! The best part about this location is no matter how many times we come back, we still find great new spots each time. This is truly a spot where you never take the same photo twice. Another great location for taking photos in Pittsburgh is the Heinz Memorial Chapel. This non-secular church is located within the University of Pittsburgh. Stepping into this building is sure to excite any photographer - there are tons of photo worthy places. The stained glass windows are truly picturesque and make excellent backdrops for any scene. Lots of dark wood and wrought-iron works that give the church a grand feeling. The outside of the church is covered in beautiful moldings that also make for great photos. This location is absolutely stunning and really provides that feeling of reverence that only an ornate church can. This is a great spot for any person that is looking to get a beautiful holy-looking background in their photographs!

Of course we can’t forget one of Pittsburgh’s favorites - The Pittsburgh Zoo! The zoo is an always-exciting location to take pictures. The zoo delivers something for everyone. For a very reasonable fee you get access to tons of different animals and their exhibits. Lots of gardens and greenery for great outdoor backdrops! Add some animals into the shot to add a fun twist to any type of photography. We’ve done numerous different sessions here and each time we walk away with some new fun or impressive location. No two shoots here ever go exactly the same, and that’s one of the things we like most about it. The best part is that since the zoo is such a large location with many different areas, we can practically customize each shoot to be unique to the individual. A great location for all longer photoshoots, and definitely a spot that we highly recommend!

These are just some of the great photography and videography locations for the city of Pittsburgh. If you’re ready to explore even more locations, contact Anytime Picture for your Pittsburgh photography project. Whatever you’re looking for, Anytime Picture will deliver. We will travel to you and provide all equipment needed to guarantee you that perfect picture. With over ten years of experience, you can be confident in the quality of every shot. Contact us today at 216-250-7111 or email

About Orlando

When you say Orlando, Florida, many might think of theme parks and America’s beloved mouse icon. However, the city of Orlando has more to offer than just theme parks and tourist attractions. The beautiful sunny weather and wide variety of gorgeous public locations make it a great spot for all types of photographers. From cityscapes and churches to gardens and parks, Orlando is a photographer’s dream. Whatever you’re looking for in your photography location, Orlando has it all, and also has enough sunny weather to give you ample time to explore it. While we have several personal favorite locations throughout this city, we thought we’d share our top three. All three of these places are great for engagement, maternity, and family photography!

One of our favorite locations in Orlando would have to be The Winter Garden Historic District. This place really gives off a romantic garden vibe and is a great location for engagement or wedding photos. There are plenty of gorgeous gardens capes and open areas spread throughout the entire district, with lots of lush greenery and jaw dropping colors that are sure to pop in any photo. This area also boasts of tons of buildings that give off vintage charm, including lots of beautiful brickwork. There’s also a variety of backgrounds to choose from, since the area is highly concentrated with shops, restaurants, and even museums. We highly recommend this location to anyone looking to create a classy and even romantic vibe in their photographs.

In addition to the Winter Garden Historic District, another location in Orlando that is great for non-traditional photographs is the University of Central Florida (UCF) campus. This campus is again full of lots of greenery and garden areas that make a great background for any nature lover! In addition, the center of campus has an amazing reflection pool that is sure to impress any photographer. The many buildings with detailed glass work and brickwork also make for great backgrounds if you’re looking for a less traditional shot. As a bonus, there are many open buildings on campus that allow you access to the roof, making it easier to get beautiful skyline sunrise or sunset photos with an amazing height element. We highly recommend this location for clients who are looking to get lots of diversity and different backgrounds in their shots!

Another great outdoor location in Orlando is Dickson Azalea Park. This gorgeous garden oasis almost makes you feel like you’re stepping into another world. Tons of lush greenery that almost makes you think you’ve been transported straight into an untouched jungle. There’s adorable bridges crossing over running water and the entire area is just very picturesque. As an extra bonus, this park is dog friendly, which means you can bring your beloved canine companion on your photoshoot! This is an area that we love returning to because it seems like every time we come back we find even more hidden gems inside this location. This is a great spot in Orlando for engagement photos, family portraits, and even maternity shots!

The Orlando area truly has something for everyone, as there’s almost an infinite amount of beautiful locations to choose from for your next photoshoot. Contact Anytime Picture today to schedule a photography or videography session with our team! We offer many special packages such as engagement shots, family portraits, and maternity shots. Our photographers know the Orlando area and will be sure to find you the perfect spot.  We’ve been providing superior production services over a decade, and we would love to work with you as well! Contact us today at 800-910-0078 or email


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